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27.06.2014 - DEWB acquires manufacturer of measurement technology for the semiconductor industry MueTec


Change of ownership at specialist for optical wafer inspection


Munich/Jena, 27 June 2014 – Deutsche Effecten- und Wechsel-Beteiligungsgesellschaft AG (DEWB, Entry Standard, WKN: 804100, www.dewb.de) has acquired the manufacturer of automated inspection systems for semiconductor production, MueTec GmbH (www.muetec.com), as part of a corporate succession scheme. In the course of the transaction, DEWB acquired a 92% share in the Munich-based measurement technology specialist; the Managing Director, Ralph Detert, acquired eight percent.

MueTec develops, produces, and distributes high-precision, automated optical inspection systems for semiconductor production. MueTecs customers include well-known semiconductor equipment suppliers and manufacturers, including international research facilities. The company has so far installed more than 250 plants world-wide.


MueTecs inspection systems are integrated into the production process during the optical quality inspection of semiconductors and wafers. Applications include defect inspection, surface thickness measurements, inspections on structures and critical dimensions, as well as infrared metrology and inspection.


"The acquisition of MueTec is a next step toward executing our strategy of enhancing our portfolio with high-potential, mid-sized technology companies", Bertram Köhler, CEO of DEWB, commented on the already fourth new acquisition of the holding company over the past 12 months.


About MueTec

MueTec Automatisierte Mikroskopie und Messtechnik GmbH was founded in 1991. The Munich and Aholming sites employ 26 staff. Sales in the Far East are managed by the subsidiary MueTec Taiwan Ltd.

The product portfolio and new product developments allow MueTec to tap into a significant market potential in attractive market niches within the semiconductor segment. By combining its know-how in the development of software algorithms and imaging processes with high-precision mechanical systems, MueTec is able to differentiate its quality and technology from the competition.

Since the withdrawal of the founders from the operational business, the Managing Director Ralph Detert has played a key role in the company's performance in recent years. The previous shareholder structure with four no longer active shareholders was replaced by the corporate succession scheme with the involvement of DEWB. Based on the new ownership and the significantly improved liquidity, the company plans to further accelerate its profitable growth of recent years.